Whether you drive an Acura, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or anything in-between, we’re here to work with you and build a ceramic coating package to suit your needs.

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Ceramic coating your vehicle is a no-brainer.

is Key

Lets be honest, apart from a handful of exceptions, a car is the worst investment you can make. Knowing your vehicle is losing a large percentage of its value every year, it is vital to maintain and protect it to keep it at as high of a value as you possibly can.


Polishing a ceramic coating on a black car paint


Your car’s finish is continuously bombarded with harsh contaminants that can cause damage, and that over time will reduce the gloss and clarity of the surfaces. Ceramic coatings will provide a barrier between your vehicle and the harsh elements that your car is exposed to on a daily basis for upwards of 5 years.


Tesla Model Y


Not only will these coatings provide a protective barrier, but they also add gloss and depth to the finish. For satin and matte finishes, it will not turn the finish glossy but will add a darkening and richening effect.


Cleaning a car with ceramic coating


Ceramic Coatings will make regular cleaning of the vehicle much easier since dirt and other contaminants won’t stick to the surface as quickly. When you wash your car afterward, the paint will continuously have that “freshly waxed” and slick feeling without ever having to wax your vehicle again!

vs Ceramic

Paint protection film and ceramic coating comparison

With the detailing industry being heavily saturated with companies claiming they know how to properly prep for and install a ceramic coating, it can be difficult to find a trust worthy option for you. Despite the wild claims some manufacturers and installers throw around just to get a sale, here’s a chart to better help you understand the differences and commonalities between Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings.

Paint Protection Film

  • Protects against rock chips
  • Absorbs micro scratches
  • Prevents swirl marks
  • Prevents hard water spots
  • Self-healing technology


  • Chemical resistance
  • Prevents chemical etching
  • Car looks newer for longer
  • Prevents oxidation
  • Invisible finish

Ceramic Coating

  • Creates hydrophobic surface
  • Keeps contaminates off paint
  • Makes car easier to clean
  • Candy like gloss
  • Never wax again


Ceramic Coatings last for years (with proper maintenance) where as waxes and sealants last 4-6 months at most. With coatings, the hydrophobic properties are extremely more evident, the durability is higher, they add immense gloss and depth to the finish and are the best looking protection along with many other advantages.

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Price includes
  • Exterior & interior detail/decontamination
  • One step paint correction
  • 5 year coating applied to paint, glass and rims

Note: Pricing will depend on the size and complexity of the vehicle. Please contact us for an exact quote. Durability is directly related to the proper maintenance of the coatings.