Paint polishing, also referred to as paint correction, is the best way to improve the gloss and clarity of your vehicle’s paint.

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Practiced by many. Mastered by few.


The art of safe, modern, and proper buffing techniques is what separates the true professional detailer from all the rest, and it is a skill-set that is mastered by very few. By using only the highest quality products and techniques, we are able to remove paint marring, etchings, swirls, and defects and bring out the paint's true clarity and depth through paint correction. We are able to provide a finish superior to when your vehicle rolled off the production line.

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While not considered a “perfection detail” given the single-stage process, a big transformation in the condition of the paint can be achieved. On average, 65-85% of swirls, hazing and marring can be removed.

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When you step up to the realm of multi-stage paint correction, you’re significantly improving the finish by removing all of the swirls, and all but the heaviest of scratches and defects. This process starts with a heavy compounding machine polishing stage to remove the defects and then followed by a secondary polishing stage to refine the finish and increase gloss and clarity.

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In addition to our paint correction packages, we highly recommend the addition of our Ceramic Coating application to help maintain your new finish for an extended period of time.